New Zealand Army Corps soldiers

Then the fur is sucked onto a large revolving cone, while hot water is sprayed onto it, binding the fibers together and making the felt one of the world’s strongest fabrics.Akubra hats hold the same place in Australian folklore as Stetson cowboy hats do in the American West.“Men are wearing hats more now,” Carroll says.” None may be as famous as “The Great White Shark.A process involving hot water, pressure and friction makes the rabbit-fur hats impervious to water. In recent years, Akubra hats were used by medal presenters at the Olympics and worn by world leaders at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum in Australia. In 1904, he invited a fellow hat-making Briton, Stephen Keir, to join the company.

The word “Akubra” is now very much a part of Aussie vernacular and is often used colloquially to refer to all broad-brimmed hats worn by farmers.Processed fur is fed into blowers that remove unwanted hair and dirt, leaving behind a soft blanket of downy-like cotton.For countless Australians over the past 130 years, Akubra hats have not just been a fashion statement, but an integral part of life.Making the Akubra started as a family business, and remains so to this day.. Milliner Robert Carroll, manager of Akubra’s only retail store, Strand Hatters in Sydney, says they are selling more hats than ever before.

“They like accessories, they like to look good and they’re looking after themselves a bit better. Stitching in the sweat bands and trimming the interior complete the process. Today, the business is run by Keir’s great-grandson, Stephen Keir IV. The felt is passed through roller presses dozens of times before workers dye, mold, shape, soften and smooth each hat. The Akubra, an aboriginal word meaning “head covering,” has provided Australians protection from the country’s harsh elements, its fur felt blocking the scorching sun and holding back the rain. 1 golfer Greg Norman, known as “The Shark,” the hat gained popularity and took the small family-owned company to international fame.Shortly after arriving in Australia in 1874, Briton Benjamin Dunkerley settled in the island state of Tasmania and set up a modest hat factory.The business moved to Sydney and in 1912, started using the trade name China Nylon Spandex Fabrics Akubra to market its hats. Keir married Dunkerley’s daughter Ada the next year.When World War I broke out, the company became one of two suppliers that produced the famed slouch hat worn by the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps soldiers, and it’s still the major supplier for Australian troops.”More than 40 styles in varying colors make up their range of hats, including “The Stockman” and “The Cattleman.”Worn and promoted by former world No. The image is seared into Australian lore — under a hot desert sun, a mounted soldier pours the last of his water into his slouch hat to share with his best friend, his horse. They symbolise life in the outback and a rugged self-reliance that is still a source of pride for Australians, even if many have moved to a more comfortable lifestyle in the city.The image is seared into Australian lore — under a hot desert sun, a mounted soldier pours the last of his water into his slouch hat to share with his best friend, his horse

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Top actresses from Deepika Padukone

“As a designer, I aim to please. Kareena Kapoor Khan looks ethereal in this green satin number by Sanjay Garg..” Designer wear costs a bomb and that’s something only the rich and famous can buy. Sanjay Garg is no stranger to the fashion industry. Ask him about the types of fabrics he finds himself working with, this designer who has recently opened a store in the city adds, “I work with textiles and fabrics such as chanderi, Varanasi silk, mashru and cotton, all of which we have innovated with and I am always thinking about the possibilities of textiles.

An admirer of designers like Jil Sander and Dries Van Noten, Sanjay wanted to offer occasion-wear options to women,when they were not wearing a saree. Explaining why designer clothing is so expensive, he adds, “I believe the value of craftsmanship, customisation and of course handwoven qualities in a product is what really dictates its price point. But it needs to be applied to in all aspects of their lives — not just through garments. The biggest challenge for me is to not be placed in a “box” or frame or become complacent within a narrow definition of design,” he signs off.. Talking to Sanjay we find out more.An interview with designer Sanjay Garg who has made inroads into Bengaluru recently.”Sara Ali Khan rocks this outfit by Sanjay Garg. He has revolutionised the way we look at the humble saree.Ask sanjay about his take on the sustainable fashion trend that is the rage now, he says, “I’m happy to see that more and more people are choosing to incorporate sustainability in fashion. Ask him how he handles competition in the fashion world, “I don’t really think about this much — there is enough room for everyone.

Top actresses from Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, Radhika Apte, Dia Mirza many other have sported his looks.As a designer, inspirations and influences are always present. Through his designs, he proves that this traditional piece of garment can look hip in today’s age. It does not come and go, it’s an ongoing process and it can come from anywhere — a person, house or a moment.”Every other day, a new designer pops up with a a collection that attracts attention. Sanjay says, “Textile design has been the medium of expression so far but as I grow I hope to continue to grow my vision and expand in other fields. Celebrity or not, I try to style them in a way that best suits their personality,” he says adding that he is yet to style a celebrity who has become his favourite.Never seeing himself as Wholesale Lycra Fabrics textile designer, Sanjay now gets his inspiration from anywhere.”The list of celebrities that Sanjay has styled includes Bollywood’s A-listers..

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English fabrics and heavy linens

Nylon jumpsuits defined the Prada silhouette, belted at the waist and gathered at the ankles and cuffs with plastic Prada labels.Textures at FerragamoGuillaume Meilland&Nylon Spandex Fabrics Factory39;s second collection for Ferragamo is inspired by the Mediterranean coastline shared by his native France and adopted Italy."The looks combined for an effortless silhouette that Meilland said was inspired by the 1960 French film "Purple Noon," based on the Patricia Highsmith's "Ripley" novels. And the tailored outfits are clean and elegant, featuring pinstripe pants with long belts worn with a pajama-inspired top and a trench coat with bell sleeves. There was a shorts version worn with Prada men's knee socks and pointy leather shoes..

The cuffs were turned up to reveal the rough seam. The fluid and something more rough.She employed two artists - James Jean from Los Angeles and Ollie Schrauwen of Belgium - to create graphic stories on a human and not superhero scale. Sandals with socks anchored those looks. I wanted it to be like men should be," Lee said backstage.Suit jackets were worn with shorts that were nearly bloomers in proportion, a fob to summer, while some trousers were festooned with maxi-pockets.The military looks are elongated and soft, not your usual regimented rendering. They covered the walls of the showroom and became the prints that defined Sunday's menswear collection in Milan.Scenes included a monkey with X-ray vision who it later turns out is mechanical and an oversized spider descending to pick up houses.The clean collection revealed the construction details that create rhythms with their repetition, from the patchwork trousers to the intarsia knitwear.Ferragamo's footwear included penny loafers or slip on moccasins with rubber soles adorned with the trademark buckle for the city or rope accents for the seaside."The 37-year-old Kwon expresses his whimsy with out-of-proportion cuts: Boyish striped sweaters that are part of his character series are gigantic with wide, trailing arms, dwarfing the wearer. I think a man should be rugged."The lines were simple, with neat T-shirts with scooped necks paired with urban patchwork trousers # cut from natural fabrics.The looks are defined by texture: cable-knit fishermen's sweaters, velvety shorts, corduroy trousers and suede laser cut tops, all hearty fare for wind-swept seaside strolls.Graphic prints appeared in both pastel colors and black and white on shirts, jacket panels and bags.Bikkembergs creationsLee Wood laid the seams bare at Dirk Bikkembergs during his second season as its creative director. Prada said she added overcoats to unify the looks.

Meshed sweaters of horizontal stripes tucked into houndstooth pattern trousers turned up into a thick cuff."I wanted it to be brutal. (AP Photo/Antonio Calanni) Milan: Second day of Milan Fashion Week saw a fresh breeze as young designers took the spotlight bringing in fresh silhouettes with new proportions and reinterpretations of old summertime favorites from linens to stripes. Tops, by contrast, were soft, like one that was a patchwork of gold, light blue and white.While the materials were mostly natural fibers and the color palette based on hues of blue, white and slate gray, the collection closed with flashes of green and Japanese technical fabric. "Textures, colors, we are trying combine soft velvet, English fabrics and heavy linens . Shirt collars were turned up.The triptych collection includes pieces based on European tailoring, Korean military wear and a series of character looks. ModelS wear creations part of the DSquared2 men's Spring-Summer 2018 collection, presented in Milan, Italy, Sunday, June 18, 2017.Wood said he was inspired by the brutalism architectural movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s that stood against adornment.New talents bring in fresh silhouettes with new proportions and reinterpretations. The thread that connects them all: The YOLO phenomenon, previously, before the invention of abbreviation-loving social media, known as "You Only Live Once. "I don't want to see men all pretty and perfect.Prada RealityMiuccia Prada took inspiration from graphic novels for her latest collection, which aims to create a dialogue between the virtual world and the real world."Yes I like the idea of having, for me, something very Italian, something very much linked to the idea of the holidays and the seaside," Meilland said backstage. I wanted it to be honest. Heavy boots and utilitarian sandals anchored the looks. The designer also added touches of whimsy like sea horse prints and coral key chains.Yolo from KoreaKorean designer Munsoo Kwon made his Milan debut in the Armani theater with a collection that contained some measure of autobiography.The silhouette was repeated in casualwear, with sweaters tucked into athletic-style trousers

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A-line look where the skirt is fully appliquéd in multiple

Indian born fashion designer Naeem Khan is a one-of-a-kind designer with an in-born talent and an eye for exemplary detail. It clearly transforms you straight to the red carpet or a high-fashion evening out.Once again his use of age old embroideries on fit and flare silhouettes and his trademark multi-hued sequin lines are seen boldly on the column dresses. The blend, I believe is simply an impeccable evolution of style! He has been a mastermind of covetable designs since 2003, dressing up some of the biggest names in Hollywood along side first lady Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton.His high voltage glamour is seen in his collections, in which he uses rich silks and polyesters with exotic detailed hand beading and appliqué. Luxurious fabrics sashayed down the ramp while the models wore a sense of complete China Lycra Fabrics sensuality and confidence.Naaem’s fall’16 collection was inspired by the art-deco and the New York skyline. With detailed rich embellishments like beads, sequins and crystal ornamentation, his collection stresses on mastery fit and an individual sense of style. His designs are the quintessential expression of a woman’s inner beauty and sensuous nature.. His stunning embroidery and rich vivid colours are his highlight.His wedding couture collection is clearly for his A-list client celebrities.The writer, Michelle Salins, is a Bengaluru-based fashion designer of international repute in India, USA, UK and was recently awarded the Alta Roma World Of Fashion Haute Couture Award. His gowns are crafted with the finest of fabrics and all ornamentation is hand made. Naeem Khan Naeem Khan, FashionWhen I was asked if I would write this article on Naeem Khan, I was only too happy to do so, as I not only enjoy writing but Naeem Khan is a label I look up to for his style and sensibility, with contemporary silhouettes, and over the top fine embroideries.

The silver hand embroidered sequin jumpsuit is surely my favourite from this collection but it is difficult not to add stress on his thigh high exotic embellished boots.Naeem is an Indian-American fashion designer who currently lives and works out of New York and his new glamorous abode in Miami. A high collar with three-quarter length sleeves, tulle gowns with an A-line look where the skirt is fully appliquéd in multiple size flowers and the gown is cinched at the waist with tiny criss-cross patterns , all done in beads and silk thread motifs, which run through the garment subtly. The silhouettes are simple but his ruffled necklines and heavily sequined jumpsuits and gowns from another recent collection, in multiple colours, was simply a rainbow parade. The more sculptural gowns were enliven with huge flower appliqués and distinct fold over collars; some of which ran across the shoulder and ended in a deep V shape at the back. The look is not pure white but has an ethereal vintage white feel. Bold make-up dominated the look with a strong burgundy and deep red lip colour. He was born into a family of couturiers who dressed the royals of earlier times. Naeem’s take on modern couture is simply his inborn talent. This look is something that is seen in Naeem’s collections often. His works with sheer materials like tulle, chiffons, georgettes, lace and light silks bring in and keep with the femininity of an individual.Kate MiddletonA couple of season’s back, I attended his runway show at New York Fashion Week and it was indeed a treat. His use of exotic laces is clearly seen in his collections and has been my favourite so far, from his latest collection. It was only natural for him to follow in the lines of his father and grand-father then

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(If this sounds more like a fruit salad recipe

"RESEARCH FABRICS. "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Cuts of dresses look different on each body type. She loved the gown she bought from the Ann Taylor website. While there&Polyester Spandex Fabrics Factory39;s a range in price and quality among the sites mentioned above, they're legitimate. Take your measurements, and use them with the website's size guide. Trying on a few types of gowns off the rack to begin with can be helpful, too.)Read about the best wedding gowns for each body type , Brown says, and research the kinds of dresses your "celebrity doppelganger" wears."TIPS FOR BUYING ONLINEIf you decide to shop online , how do you become your own consultant? Start with these tips:AVOID SCAMMY SITES.LEARN WHAT FLATTERS YOUR BODY TYPE.Take your measurements, and use them with the website's size guide. They can even browse wedding dresses while buying jeans - H&M, ModCloth and ASOS have bridal lines. Take your measurements, and use them with the website's size guide. Keep in mind that sizes vary by brand, Brown says, and that wedding dresses are often sized differently than street clothes. A strapless ball gown, for example, may suit a pear-shaped figure better than someone with an apple shape.After all, your wedding's approaching - you have other things to obsess about.

"If you have a body type that's more like Beyonce or like Mindy Kaling or like Taylor Swift, looking at them on the red carpet in different things can actually kind of help you determine what looks best on you," she says.TRUST THE SITE'S SIZING. "And when (the dress) arrives, it will look nothing like the photo and will probably be unwearable," she says."Don't obsess about the number," Brown says. Order a dress from one of them, and you should receive a garment that looks close to what you expected.If you see a 300 "designer" dress that is selling elsewhere for 3,000, or if the site includes misspellings, grammatical errors or otherwise "feels off," Brown says you're probably looking at counterfeit gowns.That was in 2013, and Ann Taylor has since stopped selling wedding dresses. Even on legitimate sites, scrutinize the return policy and expected delivery dates. So trust the website if it recommends # a size 10 based on your measurements rather than your usual 8. But Anthropologie's bridal line BHLDN has stuck around since launching in 2011, and many other retailers have joined the online market. The packaging was a "letdown," she says, but the dress was not. "You'll be at home and be able to calmly weigh your options," Keene says. With this knowledge, you can determine your preferred fabrics and interpret dresses' online product descriptions. (Photo: Pixabay) Carol Hickins' wedding dress arrived at her office "in a plastic bag inside a brown cardboard box," she says.You won't be making that significant financial decision as you cry, your mother gushes and a beaming salesperson slides a veil into your hair."READ THE FINE PRINT.

Online, "you have to be your own bridal consultant. Because you can't touch the gowns on websites, Brown suggests learning about what different fabrics look and feel like.But shopping online for a wedding dress is a "more self-guided experience," says Shelley Brown, fashion and beauty editor at The Knot website, which offers wedding advice and planning resources.LESS EMOTION - AND LESS GUIDANCENo matter the site, adding a dress to a virtual cart doesn't pack the same emotional punch as buying one in person - and that can lead to a more clear-headed purchase, says Meg Keene, founder and editor-in-chief of A Practical Wedding, a website for what it calls laid-back, feminist weddings. (If this sounds more like a fruit salad recipe than shopping advice, search "what's my body shape" online. Peruse a fabric store, the racks of a bridal salon or your closet to discover what charmeuse feels like versus satin, for example. Now, brides can buy gowns online from designers like Nicole Miller, luxury stores like Moda Operandi or from a home try-on site like Floravere.But some websites steal photos of designer dresses and claim to be selling the same gowns for a tenth of the price, Brown says. Plan your purchase to receive the dress at least two months before the wedding, Brown says, "just in case you need alterations or in case you change your mind. "At a bridal salon, you have someone telling you, 'Here are your best options, according to all your parameters you gave me,'" she says.

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Mandira Wirk, on the other hand, presented a collection

The collection comprised intricate designs in constructed jackets, panelled palazzos, layered anarkalis, wearable separates-in of ivory, gold, black, beige, grey, pink and blue. With a black and white and neutral palette, the brand utilised silks, wools, linens, cotton silks with wool blending, merino, natural linen with gold textural weaves, etc. Her technique is an autoschediasm of traditional weaves which is catalyst in giving the classic drape a re-look via her signature anti-fit blouses in contrasting colours. The brand’s signature vibe was kept alive with cosy pleated and polka dot dresses paired with palazzos, checkered and plain dresses in warm colours. She used a wide range of fabrics from jersey, sheer to menswear, net and georgette.

The stripes were simple, pared back and devoid of colours. Lean trousers, dresses with waist pleats in heavy wool, long oversized shirts and tunics paired with wool scarves were the key highlights and accessories such as soft leather clogs and wood and metal neckpieces added to the mature vibe of the collection. Designer Rina Singh of brand Eka kickstarted the day. Her muse, Malaika Arora Khan, was her showstopper who made a bold appearance amid all the controversies surrounding her divorce with Arbaaz Khan. Sporting an embellished black jumpsuit, newcomer Athiya Shetty exuded grace and charisma as she played a perfect muse to Namrata and closed the show for day 4. The designer presented a line of shimmering occasion gowns, jumpsuits, separates, pant suits in her signature colour palette blacks, berries and reds. It was a complete range of cascading prints, applique and playful tassels originating from an analysis on Persian culture peppered with authentic elements of Persia.

India Fashion Week saw star line-up of designers along with Bollywood showstoppers. Natural dyes played a key part in achieving the prime colour story — indigo and grey and saw the usage of Mashru in several reversible silhouettes.Models display creations by designer Aneeth Arora on the runway, recreated as a classroom, during the Amazon India Fashion Week in New Dellhi. Aneeth’s show titled “Pippi Goes to Poppy Fields” was inspired by Pippi Longstocking, the protagonist of Astrid Lindgren’s eponymous series of children’s books. Designer Aneeth Arora’s Pero is that one label in the Indian fashion world that audiences desperately wait for every season.Live music accompanied Anavila’s collection, “The folk”, as she brought down the house with a visual treat of amaranthine saris and introduced a few modern silhouettes like printed trousers, wool kaftans and the jackets for the first time. (Photo: Bunny Smith) amazon.. Brand Ashima-Leena presented their collection that was influenced by the rich divine motifs of Persian carpets in a luxurious prêt collection titled “Fragrance of Persia”. Eka’s muses were artistes Philippe Decrauzat, Jeppe Hein, Alphonso Artiaco and John Paul Phillip whose artwork inspired the metallic highlighting on garments, layering opulence, and colour direction and pattern.

Mandira Wirk, on the other hand, presented a collection inspired from the artistic movement of Rococo. Next, Namrata Joshipura’s was inspired from the creativity and vibrancy of New York City. Handwoven fabrics such as pashmina wool, khadi, lace, merino, cotton, chanderi, denims and angora wool reigned the collection in silhouettes ranging from loose dresses, reversible short and long jackets, anti-fit tops and more. The pattern story spoke of ginghams, checks, stripes of various length and width along with floral embroideries. She recreated the ramp and made it look like a classroom with a live band imitating the noise of a classroom full of naughty students and their strict class teacher. Bodice’s Spandex Fabrics suppliers women glided in flat mules and slipped off and on with ease wearing colour-coated fabrics that offered structure to the weightlessness of cotton.Models display creations by designer Aneeth Arora on the runway, recreated as a classroom, during the Amazon India Fashion Week in New Dellhi

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These colours are dominating clothes collections

“I feel that at least if new designers start making their labels on the basis of nature-friendly textiles then our industry will move in a better direction.”Loose fits for menRedefining the style quotient is not just limited to women, men too are opting for comfort. “With the economic boom in the 1950s, glamour becomes fashionable, and A-line and pencil skirts were very popular form-fitting fashions. For Parekh, this summer is all about vibrant hues like red and brown to soft colours like pastel pink and lavender. “There is no holy grail cut of shirt, pant or suit that will work perfectly for everyone. As menswear becomes increasingly casual, a trend fuelled largely by the rise of streetwear aesthetics in high-fashion, a shift towards relaxed fit garments is gaining steam. Skirts and dresses were usually short and even provocative, when the 2000s kicked off, the fashion was profoundly influenced by technology. Dresses in the decade would often feature stylish ruffles or lace accents and were usually knee-length or tea-length.

I feel that clothes with a little more give and can actually elevate a look, and give it a level of sophistication and ease that is seldom achieved by garments that hug the body,” he says. However, Gupta is sure that many are realising the need for using nature-friendly textiles and are working towards promoting it. Ltd Corneliani, feels that people often forget that fit is relative to the wearer. “Fashion dictates personality. We keep on incorporating such fabrics in our collection. True style comes from wearing what’s best for you. I personally love working with natural yarns and textiles and lean more towards fabrics that are fluid and drape beautifully,” shw shares.But these are not the sole reasons behind the growing trend of loose fits, designer Gautam Gupta feels the growing number of working women has also made a difference. How absorbent, practical and fluid the fabric is.Pop colours are also among the must-haves in your wardrobe. Also, the love for handmade and sustainable fabrics is increasing and these fabrics are not very drape-friendly and look better with straight silhouettes,” shares Gupta.“The trend, a few years ago, was all about shift dresses, bodycons and bandage dresses but over the years customers have been coming and requesting for stylish drapes, butterfly sleeves and multipurpose comfort wear. “With the international acceptance of all body types and shapes along with campaigns like ‘I’m perfect,’ it is high time that we as Indians also stop chasing the size zero body type and celebrate womanhood by making each one of us feel comfortable in our own skin and confident in our flight.. “If a drape is required then fluidity and weight are required. In the 1990s, skirts and dresses were not as prominent and more casual looks became acceptable with hip-hop and alternative music setting the scene for fashion early in the decade. Fashion is often described as being a global mash-up, where trends saw the fusion of previous vintage styles, global and ethnic clothing,” says Parekh.Anti-fit is the mood of this season’s style book as relaxed, comfortable, free flowing silhouettes rule the runways and wardrobes. But every change takes time, so even in the textile development there is work going on to make textile more fluid,” he adds. As we entered the 80s, fashion evolved once more, skirts and dresses were once again longer and featured straight lines and more serious design. Long gone are the days of short dresses and tight waist belts, easy-breezy silhouettes with multi-layering approach accessorised with chic crossbody bags is a China Wholesale Lycra Fabrics very stylish yet young look that we as designers suggest our young buyers to sport,” she adds. Also, it feels good to have people around you in pop colours amidst the cliché summer light colours. Shades like sky blue, lighter green hues, orchid are soft and give a fresh vibe.Jain also feels that fluid fabrics have a better drape and are more flattering on the female form.Outfit by designer NikashaSummer HuesSummer is always about keeping it light. “Altering your body to fit a garment may last momentarily but to stay fashionable lifelong, altering the garment to your body type only seems a deemed fit,” she adds. Mod styled dresses with short skirts and bold, colourful patterns became popular. “They are more comfortable across different seasons and lend a femininity to the female form. Dresses which accentuate the shape of one’s body are giving way to loose fit silhouettes making style synonymous with comfort. It’s always better to wear loose fitting rather than body-hugging clothes. Our philosophy is to use fabrics and processes that are ecologically sensitive and empower the artisans,” says Deepshikha Khanna, head, apparel strategy and product development, Good Earth India.Trends Shaping The Indian Apparel IndustrySome classic silhouettes have remained constant over the years but fashion is about constant change and evolution.”But Gupta has his own selection of colours this summer. “It’s about the touch and feel of the fabric against your body. “Comfort wear is re-defining today’s fashion industry. Going into the late fifties and 1960s mini-dresses and maxi-length skirt outfits entered the scene. And going with the trend and donning attires that don’t match your personality makes you lose your own identity. Jain feels designers need to reinvent shapes and styles each season. “It allows the customers to experiment with different lengths, necklines, fits, styles and drapes — that truly is what fashion is about,” says Jain. ‘Anti-fit’ dresses have been a trend for sometime but are truly gaining momentum now.Talking about the spurt in popularity, designer Payal Jain says.

“The primary cause is to accommodate the concerns of women whose bodies are changing with time.In clothing, textile will always be driven by shape. Shroff says, “Pop colours like purple, cobalt blue and onion pink are a big hit this season and vibrant colours can be worn for a day out with your friends and without a doubt can be carried as an office wear, while continuing the look for the party later in the night. That is why bespoke suit is always a better option than a readymade one as both the designer and fabric understands the body and tailors it in accordance to your comfort,” shares Saggar Mehra, creative director at Sunil Mehra.Like women, men too have various shades to look forward to. Just like the fabric and style differs from designer to designer, so does the choice of colours. “For spring-summer I have used colours such as apple green, icy blue, peach, ivory and some vibrant shades such as fuchsia, emerald green and tomato red. The ‘anti-fit’ shapes give you the much-needed breather for occasions when you want to be more relaxed and at ease while making you feel comfortable with your body and shape.Adding to it Prem Dewan, retail head, OSL Luxury Collections Pvt.Outfits by Pooja ShroffNature-friendly textilesEvery designer has his or her own aesthetics, inspirations and signature looks. We are also currently experimenting with purple, lavender, rapture rose, military green, yellow and milky white,” says Parekh. As a designer, we incorporated these demands into my Autumn/Winter Collection’18 titled Bandi, by merging stylish sleeves and asymmetrical cuts, creating an array of options from maxi dresses which could also be used as comfort gowns to oversized night-out options for any age group,” says Shroff, who strongly believes that today’s youth wants to invest in good quality long-term fashion wear, something that they not only wear today but also use after a few years with the whole sneaker trend coming into vogue. No one wants tight fits and body-hugging silhouettes all the time as they make you more conscious of your body and also tend to be less comfortable. “Pastel and soft neutral colours work best for summers. “These colours are dominating clothes collections right now.”Outfit by designer Payal JainWomen across borders are rejecting the stereotypical idea of fashion for women. Outfit by designer Malini Ramani. Satin was created to embody timeless style rooted in the textiles traditions of India. “More women these days are working and they need to wear something which is comfortable and easy to move around.“It’s the breathable fabrics that play a major role in making the outfits comfortable,” shares Shreyasi Pathak, stylist, Vajor.Designer Sumona Parekh finds it amazing to see how different events in history have influenced and changed the way people have dressed throughout time. The reinventing of the fashion industry in recent years is driven by a combination of comfort and anti-fit wear. And this works as a deciphering factor of what textile to use. We avoid using vivid and dark colours during summers,” shares Mehra. In fact, we did an entire summer collection with Liva whose fabrics are made of eco-friendly fibres and are known for their fluidity,” she adds. Hence, we designers have started creating a-structured dresses which not only feel good this summer but also help your skin breathe — they make for perfect day and night looks promoting body positivity,” shares designer Pooja Shroff, who strongly believes that to look fashionable one needs to feel confident and to feel confident you need to be comfortable and your garment needs to fit you like a sleeve and vice-versa

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Manipur has tribal and Meitei community weavers

When reinventing traditional designs, it is important to hold true to the stories they tell,” she concludes.“For instance, I have used a Meitei Sami Lami design in my collection. But I feel that those from Sikkim are too elaborate for a more global consumer base. “Weaving in Meghalaya has started to become a dying profession, as more and more people try to opt for readymade clothing. While one could easily spot contemporary, edgy designs, the designers claimed that it is important not to forget one’s roots. We have tried to take the local designs and clothing to Nylon Spandex Fabrics Wholesale an international market.

Aratrik dev varman's collection at lakme fashion week summer resort 2018“Traditional design needs to be recontextualised so that we can use it today,” said Tripura-based designer Aratrik Dev Varman, whose collection showcased dresses woven by the Riyang tribe. Daniel Syiem, who hails from Meghalaya, elaborates on how his work with the local weavers has given the local handicrafts industry a boost. From l to r- karma sonam with the showstopper, baichung bhutia, presenting her kuzu collection at lakme fashion week summer resort 2018. This motif was originally used in a shawl that was involved in an exchange between a Meitei king and a tribal chieftan.The second day of Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2018 saw a number of designers showcase the works of local artisans through their fabulous designs.No matter how the designs are adapted into the newer ones, what remains most important is the impact it has on the weavers themselves.

Hence, I simplify the traditional artwork that one can find woven into the fabrics of our local garments, and create cleaner, simpler designs,” she explains. However, through fabric and style, through dresses made for all body types, one can spread some important messages about sustainability and inclusivity. “I love traditional motifs and weaves.Hand-woven silks and cotton dresses dominated the ramp — a testament to the local weavers from the North East.. In the process, several weavers, who had given up the profession, have been convinced to come back to weaving,” he smiles. “However, it is important to stay close to tradition and respect it even while finding new forms.

“Manipur has tribal and Meitei community weavers and each of their weaves and motifs tell a story,” explains Manipuri designer Richana Khumanthem.A fashion show consisting of seven designers hailing from the North East states of India highlighted the traditions of the area. The North East Mojo show, which was definitely a highlight of the day, saw seven designers from this often-overlooked part of India collaborating to bring to focus the styles, traditions and fabrics of their regions. I have been working with the few weavers who remain for the last 10 years.”Karma Sonam, who hails from Sikkim, however, sees no harm in experimentation.And it is not just the traditions of the region that initiatives like these save, but also the culture and the stories as told by the fabrics. The world of fashion, without some level of responsibility, becomes a shallow one

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